Welcome to Apex Football School

Offerings include:

  • Holiday Coaching Clinics
  • Afternoon Coaching Clinics
  • Individual Coaching
  • Birthday Parties
  • School Term Coaching Clinics

Sport speaks a universal language, which breaks down barriers and cuts through income and ethnic divides. It is this belief in the power of sport to positively change young lives, which has been the prime motivation behind Apex Football School.

Apex Football School aims to empower youth to recognise the ability to use sport to introduce education and learning initiatives. Through sport and team play many life-skills are identified and nurtured to bring about a positive change in society today. 

Within the Apex Football School structure sits two distinctive entities: 
1. Apex Football School Coaching Programme 
2. Apex Football School Development Foundation 

The Apex Football School Coaching Programme forms the foundation of the organisation and is the starting point for founder Ruan Meyer with the launch of his new coaching clinic in 2017.

U10 – U12 Boys & Girls Offseason

"At Apex we want to expose everyone to the beautiful game of football."