The remarkable story of a South African (Afrikaans) boy who would not give up on his football dreams. His dreams took him to England where he became the youngest qualified UEFA C level licenced coach currently also in the process to obtain his B level badge.

Ruan Meyer is bringing his skills and experience back to the kids of South Africa.

The APEX Story

Apex Football School was established early 2017, following the remarkable journey of a young South African boy, Ruan Meyer who had a burning passion for the game of football, to the extent where he wanted to pursue it as a sport and a career, at any cost.

Despite the fact that the school Ruan attended as a young boy didn’t offer Football as a sport, his determination to play the beautiful game of soccer knew no limits and so Ruan joined a league team in the township close to his hometown.

Ruan played rugby as a school sport but in the late afternoons he would slip away to join the township kid’s football practice. Whilst being trained & coached by volunteers in the townships, with every practise his love for the game grew stronger. At the time, Ruan knew no form of formal football coaching and his understanding of the game was rather limited. 

He  knew there had to be more to football than two teams of 11 players competing against one another, but he had no idea what separated a good team from a bad one. What made Manchester united, Real Madrid and Barcelona such football powerhouses?

Ruan’s love for soccer, natural talent and his hunger to learn more about this sport of football, ultimately lead him to England, the home of football, where he finally ended up living his dream.

Ruan became a student at Bolton Wanderers Institute of Sport where he did his B-tech level 3 in sport.  He also completed his FA Level 2 coaching badge and is currently busy with his Youth award and is in his 2017 / 2018 active UEAF B level coach training. (the youngest ever to be accepted for this coaching training course!)

Privileged to have been coached by UEFA (A) licensed coaches who have unlocked Ruan’s football abilities, he also learned a tremendous amount about the sport both as a player and as a coach but more so, it gave him an advantage wherein he could experience the lifestyle, unique to the sport.

During 2015/2016 Ruan volunteered at the Feyenoord International Football program in the Free State, where he was fortunate enough to work alongside well respected coaches Jan Gosgens and Jeffrey Oost.

This experience not only contributed to a clearer understanding of the tactical game, but also the greater philosophy of Dutch football.  Ruan then shadowed Ersnt Middendorp, the manager of Maritzburg United and his management team, Fadlu and Maahier Davids, both well respected in South African Football. He was very impressed with the work rate of this team where he learned that coaching is everything and more than just a 9 to 5 job.

Coaching extend further than what meets the eye and it demands commitment that knows no boundaries.

During Ruan’s time coaching in South Africa, he learned the difference between a player from Africa and a player from Europe and how every player has a different background. Currently studying a BA Honours degree in Coaching and Development in Sport, he coaches at Nantwich Town Fc, a semi pro club, where he assist the u14 coach.

Ruan’s journey in England has become the drive to return to South Africa and make a difference at the grassroots level. He wants to give kids the opportunities which he was not granted and this led to the birth of Apex Football School.


Apex Football School strongly believes in the value of socio-economic development & contribution, using sport as the vehicle for education. For every 5 children that enrol we will take 1 disadvantaged child into the program absolutely free of charge.


Apex also registered a NPO wherein it strives to not only develop the sport but give back by special social projects like;

  • SPONSOR A CHILD | we aim to get corporates and individuals involved to sponsor a needy child’s monthly fees through this program
  • SPONSOR A BALL  | we aim to donate a 100 balls per term to needy schools with the aim to introduce heaLthy sport activities to these schools



Maruwaan Petersen to Apex Football School on 23 June at 23:50 wrote: ·Ruan Meyer!!! This lad truly started from the way bottom of the football circle.We were a multi cultural social football team having a Sunday kick about,when this tall, lanking lad ask if he could join us.He clearly had two left feet and was tackling like a beast in he’s Borriussa Dortmund skipper. When we joined Mossel Bay’s football league Ruan was always first on the practice pitch kicking a ball around all alone.He was always eager to learn more and listened to every football advise he could get.Ruan’s hard work in training paid off….well he was no Leo Messi but he’s skill with the ball improved and he’s work ethic was second to none.Giving you 100% everytime.Today all of us that played a small part in drilling,advising and just knowing Ruan feel very proud!!!Wish you all the best Mertesacher, im sure you’ll make Apex Football a big success.

Michael Grice reviewed Apex Football School5 star on 31 May at 15:19 ·wrote:
 I have worked with English football clubs in the Premier league, the Championship, League one and at grassroots level. Ruan is not only a skilled athlete and footballer, but a great academic of sport. Apex Football School will become a beacon to young people who strive to achieve the best they can be in “The beautiful game” I recommend Apex Football School with the highest regard.
Miranda Meyer-Hartzenberg reviewed Apex Football School5 star  – on 31 May at 16:52 ·wrote:

Ruan was determined to make a future in football and he stopped at nothing to reach his dream. He had to leave SA to study football in the heart of Bolton Wanderers. I am so proud of this young man and now he has stepped up another level to bring back what he has learnt to the grassroots in South Africa. Well done Ruan. I recommend Ruan’s new venture APEX FOOTBALL SCHOOL to any young players.




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